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Launch Date for my upcoming book Inclusive: The New Exclusive

June 10th, 2021









The Ultimate Starter

Heather covers everything you need to know to confidently serve more customers and increase sales, reduce safety risks and protect brand reputation.

In other words, she'll give you insights, ideas, practical solutions and market research to help you see the money being left on the table by the food service industry. You'll definitely learn something and likely be entertained in the process.


A simple approach

Getting started with an inclusive menu can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be – at all!


Action starts with the right mindset. Heather gives you all the perspectives to get you in the correct head-space to begin.

Step-by-step solutions

The first steps involve seeing the opportunities. Practical adaptation to get organic long lasting results in easy to follow steps.

Useful resources

The book is filled with free resources and links to market research, industry experts advice, take or leave it recommendations,  directory of all the practical solutions you can use to get started, make things easier and optimise your current offers.

Case Studies

"Heather has insightful, multidisciplinary and on trend innovative advice in safety with a focus on improving our competitive edge and confidence. She has advised us regarding adaptation to the Covid restrictions and inclusivity which matches changing market needs and priorities. I have enjoyed our consultations and recommend Heather highly as a pioneer in her niche, her input has been invaluable."

Muhammad Asif – CEO | Main Course Associates

  • Heather Landex

    “Heather has challenged my own perspectives and led me to improve our own services to increase our clients' customer service capabilities and safety through a simple addition to our existing app.”

    DeliveryBiz Connect, Canada

  • Heather Landex

    “I've had the pleasure to work briefly and closely with Heather, where she was a guest speaker to our Hotel Management students, during our Industrial Kitchen hygiene lessons.

    She was very well-prepared, informative and efficient. Yet at the same time, she was charming, fun, and eager to answer any questions brought forth by the students. Heather is highly recommendable!! ”

    Lecturer Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College

  • Heather Landex

    Heather has made us think about the impact our business has on the world we live in and through her extensive knowledge, the action we need to take to offer sustainable, plant based menu alternatives.”

    Owner of The Chesterford Group of Companies

Vibrant community

Not only do you get access to my book but you get access to my online course and forum

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